About Benny Kong

Hi - nice to meet you and welcome to Benny Kong’s World!

My name is Ben, currently living in Germany, passionate Nintendo gamer and collector - and as the name suggests: I am a big fan of the Donkey Kong series for all Nintendo platforms.

While being active on Twitter or Instagram with my dedicated @Bennykong64 accounts,  I felt that I would like to create and preserve my Nintendo content in a way, that I may structure and control better. And most importantly: To generate content, that is just a click away and is accessible to anybody.

With Benny Kong, I’m inviting you to join me on my personal Nintendo journey. I will share my latest Nintendo Switch physical releases or retro additions with you, review games to help you in your decision process whether to buy or not to buy a game, talk in the general BK's Thoughts section on upcoming releases, predictions or current Kickstarter campaigns. Maybe I will even inspire you with my personal #SwitchList, a list that showcases Nintendo Switch games I'm planning to purchase.

I hope Benny Kong will contribute to the Nintendo community and you may find it helpful.