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Animal Crossing New Horizons is Missing You

Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) has been out now for more than 4 months and many of us are still playing the title on a daily basis. The daily activities are usually dragging the player in the game, since it feels rewarding to hunt every day for new recipes, get the message in a bottle, plant a money tree, catch new fish or bugs, find new fossils, talk to other villagers, shop for new clothes, furniture or K.K. Slider records, check the Turnip price and make perhaps a profit on the Stalk Market, visit friends’ islands, fill up one’s Nook Miles account by participating in activities around the Deserted Island … or just be creative in one’s house or make one’s island a more beautiful island to live on. Maybe even the latest summer updates and added activities such as swimming, diving or since some days: dreaming via the Dream Suite, let you play ACNH regularly?

Pause From the Island Vacay After 130 Hours

I basically stopped playing ACNH after 125 hours, which was actually in the middle of June 2020. Not because I was bored I think, but I haven’t had that much time playing (after work) or the weekends lately, and when I had only a little time to play, I prefered going back to more challenging games, such as New Super Lucky’s Tale* or Horizon Chase Turbo*, where my jump’n’run or racing skills are needed. Or let’s say it differently: Maybe I’m not just bringing the creativity to the table, that ACNH requires to really really have fun with it – in the long run. But then I popped in the Animal Crossing* cartridge into my Nintendo Switch again at the end of June 2020 for some hours – exactly after not being on the island for 13 days.

In case you are still playing on a daily basis and you haven’t taken any break from Animal Crossing New Horizons yet, please consider that the rest of the article contains spoilers. Since I’m not time-travelling myself, I don’t know if the response of your villagers to your absence is similar, but let’s see now how my island, BK Isle, welcomed me when I returned. 

How BK Isle Did React to My Comeback

I actually expected that the island changed a lot, everything would be full of weeds, villagers would have left or new villagers would have moved in; or villagers would tell me how much they missed me. Maybe even some bugs would welcome me when I entered my house – that’s how I can remember it from the GameCube version, that I played around 2004.

In a way I was a bit disappointed, since my villagers’ reactions were not that emotional as I thought they would be. Neither there weren’t any bugs in the house. And the island also did not look like the Deserted Island I thought it would look like. Maybe I was just not gone that long – what was actually true! 13 days, that is not too long. Maybe for me it felt that long, since I was pretty busy these 13 days and haven’t managed to play other games intensively during that time.

But at least there were some reactions from my villagers – not emotionally as I expected it though, haha.

A Longer Break from the Island Life

To be frank, this rainy day at the end of June, it was June 28, 2020, did not motivate me further to continue playing ACNH. I put the game aside – again.

At the end of July 2020, not in particular because of the announcement of the Summer Wave 2 Update, I felt the urge to pay my island a visit. I was interested in which fish and bugs were added in July 2020, and so plugged in the ACNH cartridge again. But what was that?

After Isabelle’s daily drill, I was totally surprised and even thought there was something wrong with the game! Bravo Nintendo, this is exactly what I wanted to see! And I have not even expected this – so ACNH totally surprised me.

And even entering the house made me smile!

My Villagers Were Worried

Also my villagers seemed to miss me – for real! And it’s actually super funny, since this is actually the reason why I’m not so active at the moment – as I also shared on Twitter:

Let’s look into some more reactions of my villagers!


I’d Have Not Just Left Like This, Dear Deirdre!


I Always Enjoy Talking to You, Maple! Do Not Worry!


Aww Cute – Flip Was about To Visit Me!


Ohh no, I’m Sorry about Your Apple Strudel, Portia!

Animal Crossing New Horizons is Missing You – Differently

As first hand experienced, obviously Animal Crossing New Horizons* is missing you – and differentiates between the duration of the player’s absence. That’s a feature that I like a lot. Let’s see if there will be further differences, eg different animations for 2 months, 6 months or even 1 year or more of not switching on one’s Nintendo Switch to play Animal Crossing New Horizons.

What I don’t appreciate is that Tom Nook, who plays one of the most important role in ACNH, and all other characters in essential functions, such as Isabelle, or that are operating stores, such as the Able Sisters or Timmy and Tommy from Nook’s Cranny, have not noticed that the player left the island for quite some time. Basically Tom Nook and Isabelle, who are running Resident Services should be interested in the whereabouts of their villagers and should be on top of things, but maybe that’s something that Nintendo will patch in at some point.

I’ll keep you posted on that – either with a follow up article or on the comments section.

Have you experienced something similar? How many hours have you put into ACNH so far? Are you still playing the game or have you moved to the next title? Happy to learn more about this in the comment section!

* Affiliate link: In case you haven’t bought Animal Crossing New Horizons yet or you are interested in any other Animal Crossing New Horizons items and you would like to support the blog, using my affiliate links for Amazon or PlayAsia would mean the world to me. Not to get rich, just to get the blog going. Thank you for your support!

Bamby & Benny Kong in Animal Crossing

My First 100 Hours in Animal Crossing New Horizons – The Rise of BK Isle

Animal Crossing New Horizons is Different

It does not happen to me that I’m playing a video game every day – almost as a routine -, without even noticing how much time I actually invest in the game and how little I actually achieve. In most of the games I play I’m looking for challenges and want to achieve something: master the level, find all collectibles, discover secret areas, beat bosses, win races, or solve puzzles. Usually, when playing my favorite video game series such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Banjo-Kazooie, or Yooka-Laylee, I’m always getting to a point where the game feels like a challenge. In a fun way for sure, but nevertheless competitive in such a way, that I cannot relax while playing after a long working day or on the weekends, which usually requires some warm-up time to get back into the controls to play as efficiently as you were a few days ago.

So when for instance attempting to master the “Final Kingdom” in Super Mario Odyssey*, “The Darker Side”, or trying to beat “The Impossible Lair” (the OG version) in Yooka-Laylee and The Impossible Lair*, I had to ban my girlfriend from the living room because I needed full concentration. So understandable, that you cannot relax with such challenging video game moments when being exhausted. But Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) is different and fills exactly this void for me personally: Playing a video game in a relaxing atmosphere without the necessity to time jumps accurately or to study different patterns or hit zones of enemies in order to proceed.

In the following blog post I’d like to take you on a journey through my first 100 hours in ACNH and share my personal highlights. You might all have experienced similar scenes on your island, but in these difficult days where staying home is the recommended option, moments where we can walk and meet freely digitally, can be much more appreciated. Please note that the article may contain spoilers, although I’ll not focus on the storyline.

Benny Kong’s Arrival on BK Isle

What a crazy coincidence! How does the game know that me, Benny Kong who is supposed to be a Kong, coming directly from the Donkey Kong universe, provides me with two other monkeys as my fellow villagers? No better neighbors than Flip and Rocket!

Tent Mornings

Can you remember “them days”, waking up to the sound of your brand-new Hi-Fi stereo system was pumping? CD1, track 10? This is what I felt when waking up in my tent on BK Isle the very first morning.

I dreamt I was a cowboy!

Island Life

This is what I’d like to do: Chillax, let the world go by, and play some Nintendo Switch. This picture stands for the majority of my working weeks in March and April 2020: Having a little break with ACNH after all the online meetings were done, spending some minutes on the island, just to get back fresh to the desk to wrap up the working day.

Mabel’s First Visit

…. and there she is! BK Isle definitely needs a bigger variety of clothes to shop than the limited apparel Tim Nook has to offer, so I am happy to see Mabel visiting and having a little merch stand. Flip knows what I’m talking about. 

Drop-Off Box, But Only 80%?

Nahh, not with Benny Kong! I don’t know what your strategy is, but I actually wanted to sell my hard caught bugs or fishes for 100% of the market price, and not only for 80%. So to skip the handling fee and sell for the entire shop trade-in value, I hoarded my valuable goods every night just right in front of Nook’s Cranny …

… or directly near the beach. That’s how you cash in big-time the next morning in Animal Crossing New Horizons!

My First Flight

It was time to do some island hopping and pay the airport a visit. My first trip was actually about visiting my friend Marco’s island, who you may remember from my very first blogpost on Benny Kong. It was super fun! Visiting friends in Animal Crossing New Horizons is actually a wonderful thing – not only because of the difficult times of confinement in current times. Stay tuned, as I’m planning to dedicate an entire blogpost on visiting friends in ACNH.

The Bench

Not only Forrest Gump, but also my villagers consider the bench on BK Island as the perfect spot to have proper chat. In particular in the beginning of the game, since there were not many other attractions on the island, the bench came in handy and was visited frequently.

First Rain on BK Island

Nothing new in The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild*, but in Animal Crossing New Horizons I had to wait almost 2 weeks (although I played daily), to see my first rain. Here you see me posing in front of the newly built Nook’s Cranny.

… or rocking my brand-new, customized designed BK Cap while fishing. Fishing in the rain! Did you know that fishing on a rainy day is the only possibility to catch a Coelacanth? Infamous for being one of the rarest fish in the Animal Crossing series, Coelacanth is back in New Horizons. Another benefit of having rain in ACNH is that you don’t have to water any flowers on a rainy day.

The Museum is Built!

And another highlight – and I don’t mean the exclusive BK shirt that my girlfriend designed kindly for me: After donating sufficient unique creatures to Blathers, the loquacious owl decides to move permanently to the island and upgrades the tent museum into a proper one. That’s how you unlock the museum in Animal Crossing New Horizons*. Splendidly! At the time of writing, I’m considering moving the museum a bit more up north. 

Ain’t No Party as a Rocket Party …

… as a Rocket party dooooon’t stop! I was pleasantly surprised when I entered Rocket’s house to find her celebrating her birthday together with Flip. Too kind that they both even waited for me to kick off the celebrations. 

Let’s get that party started.
Birthday vibes!

A bit of a bummer: As you probably can see from the timestamp: Since I came empty-handed (never got an official invite to the party tho), I quickly left the party to check out my storage in order to find a present for Rocket. By the time I got back to her place, the party stopppped. 

Mystery Island Tours

A great way to refill the stocks on wood, weeds, stones, clay or iron nuggets or even find new types of flowers in ACNH, are Mystery Island Tours. But there is also the chance to find a random villager on these islands, that can be talked into moving to your island as a permanent resident. That’s how I found one of my favorite villagers as of now: Alfonso.

BK is Taking Applications …

… for new villagers to move in. Here I proudly crafted all the required items for a villager after placing the housing kit. Tom Nook was obviously happy with my work. And the fact that I’m literally working for free, but that’s what we all do, don’t we?

You Gotta Love What the Villagers Are Up to

It’s always super nice to discover what your villagers are up to! Here you see Rocket doing some serious weight lifting in the middle of the night. I’m still looking for this dumbbell or her sports jacket. Anybody happen to have a spare jacket in their storage? 

BK Isle Has a New Villager …

… and not only “a” new villager: My girlfriend decided to join BK Isle. After watching me playing for almost a month, and being actually involved in core decisions such as naming the island, placing the first bridge, the museum or Nook’s Crannys, my girlfriend was ready to start her own digital island adventure on the not-so-anymore-deserted-island in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Important side note: Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch on March 3, 2017, my girlfriend played maybe 1 hour in total. So this was indeed a big step and speaks for Animal Crossing New Horizons as a game – and for reaching new target groups.

Bamby & Benny Kong in Animal Crossing

What the hole!

What was that? After playing ACNH for more than a month, there are always surprises and animations I haven’t seen before. Lovely.


Ready for My Second Room

Time to pay that loan and to expand my house, but what to do with the second room? An office, a bedroom? Or a kitchen? I actually still don’t know yet, and that’s why I’m using the room for the time-being to store some items I have some ideas for what to do with. The same applies to the 3rd and 4th room that I already unlocked by the way, haha. 

May Day Tour!

The May Day labyrinth was actually more challenging than expected. I made it to Rover (first trial!), but did not manage to reach all Bell Vouchers. Challenge accepted, labyrinth reset – and playing it for the second time, I was able to be more resourceful with my items in order to reach all Bell Tickets. 

I even developed my own little strategy to save the shovel, but found out later on Twitter, that the shovel will not break while attempting to master the labyrinth anyways.

Save the shovel!

Mabel’s Shop

Part of my daily routine is to visit the Mabel shop to hunt for some new clothes. I really love it and try to combine as many styles as possible. 

And coincidentally my alter ego Benny Kong also likes to match shorts with boots – something my girlfriend tells me every summer, that these two don’t go along …

My Cousin is in Town

I love art and appreciate the Animal Crossing New Horizons May update! The addition of Redd visiting the island once and while is quite fun and I enjoy this little art shopping on his ship.

Resident Services Make-Over

What a great moment! Tom Nook is finally packing his stuff to move in a bigger, proper building. I had to screenshot my last visit to the Resident Services tent and documented the further process. Let’s all welcome Isabelle as the newest member of the Resident Services staff and let’s celebrate the Resident Services upgrade.

Midnight Beach Walks

Loving the walks along the beach during the night! I would not mind also going for a stroll daytime, but most of the time I play Animal Crossing New Horizons* late in the night – after work and dinner. But when the weekend kicks in, I’m looking forward to enjoying the beauty of the island during the daytime. Time to appreciate the sunshine and to put on my digital sun blocker! 

Campside is Built!

I can’t state that I’m a big camping fan myself, but at the moment the campsite is my favorite part of BK island. Another commemorative photo of the inauguration, plus having our first campsite visitor, Eugene, the smug koala villager, that eventually moved to our island.

My First Villager Invite via amiibo

Finally! Our first campsite visitor that we selected via amiibo. Directly after the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct in February 2020 (watch here), I was lucky to snag some amiibo cards* before prices skyrocketed or cards even sold out. We made a selection of villagers that we would like to invite via amiibo to BK Isle. Maple was the first one – and spoiler alert: She wanted to stay.

And there you have it! A lot happened in my first 100 hours playing Animal Crossing New Horizons. 

What are your highlights in ACNH so far? How many hours have you been playing already? Are you still playing or have you moved to the next game? Happy to learn more about this in the comment section! And please let me know if you are interested in a follow-up article covering my upcoming 100 hours in Animal Crossing New Horizons. 

* Affiliate link: In case you haven’t bought Animal Crossing New Horizons yet or you are interested in any other Animal Crossing New Horizons items and you would like to support the blog, using my affiliate links for Amazon or PlayAsia would mean the world to me. Not to get rich, just to get the blog going. Thank you for your support!

Benny Kong Super Rare Games Shirt

Why I Have Subscribed Again to the Super Rare Club

Yes, I did it again. 

But it’s not a “oops, I did it again” – no, it is more like: Yes, I was enabled to do it again, since Super Rare Games, the European publisher and distributor for physical Nintendo Switch indie games, decided to run the Super Rare Club again in the year 2020. But why did I want to join the club again? In short: Based on my experience as a club member in 2019, it was totally worth it. Are you still undecided if you should join? Maybe I can support you in your thought process! Let’s find out which features of the club provided me value in 2019 and made me renew my membership.

Access to Games 48 hours Prior Their General Release

This pre-order feature before the official release is the most important benefit to me. With it you get 48 hrs prior to the official release an email with links to the products that are about to go on sale. You will get access to all Super Rare Game products, which are usually the Standard Game and the Trading Cards, every couple of months the Triple Game Bundle and the Triple Cards Bundle – as well as from time to time even the Collectors Edition. So basically, everything what Super Rare Games will have in store soon, can be bought  almost 2 days earlier – stress-free and with the guarantee that you will get the items which you want to buy. Being a member removes any potential stress associated with going through the buying process – what is a huge value added to me. Who doesn’t feel a certain kind of stress when putting items in the cart on release day and trying to finish the payment as quickly as possible, hoping that the items will not be sold out till the payment goes through? Been there, felt that!

In addition to this stress factor on release days, it is the increased flexibility you gain as a club member: You do not have to shop at a specific time – you have suddenly a specific timeframe to pre-order your items. Launch days were sometimes difficult for me: In my time zone, in Europe (Germany) games are usually available for pre-order at 7 PM; a time where I had sometimes already dinner plans, tickets for the theatre, was on a flight or still sitting in a meeting. As a club member though, I’m totally independent from this launch day.

What’s New in 2020: Quantities of Games & Number of Releases

In the context of any potential purchasing stress on the release day of games, I’m aware that Super Rare Games’ titles aren’t selling out that quick since the print number was increased from 4.000 to 5.000 units in 2019 – and some of the titles haven’t even sold out at the time of writing. Usually you never know how quickly games will be selling prior to their release, so in my mind I’m better off paying the price of a game for the membership for an entire year, instead of chasing a certain game I might have missed because I underestimated the popularity of it – and pay a premium for it. In many cases the markup for limited print copies is double or even triple the original price point on secondary markets such as eBay. And in case you didn’t know: Super Rare Games will be doing some smaller runs in 2020 again: 4,000 units instead of 5,000. Meaning: Some of the upcoming games might again sell out quicker than usual.

Another change for 2020 will be the number of releases: In both 2018 and 2019 Super Rare Games released 12 physical games per year – which meant basically 1 title per month. Recently it has been announced that we can expect 18 titles in the year 2020, which will be 1,5 games per month – or in other words: Every 3 weeks a new Super Rare Games release. Meaning: Without the club you have to block out a certain time every 3 weeks to not miss the launch date of a game you are interested in. In case you are a club member however, you can take it a bit easier, since you will have a launch window of 48 hrs in which you can place your order. Flexible and stress-free. Super Rare Games’ announcement of the decreased number of units per game, and the increased number of releases, contributed clearly to my decision to renew my membership.

Exclusive Game Announcements, Insider Information & Dedicated Super Rare Club Community

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is nyRSf9XahsWltFdScIzO5efuJM-Q0MW_boPlA2rYdW4uYWJbo_8bekpjVXmFUAs3-Liwq2Evq6SmTDzhzWIOlgKcU-axB803kIiVFax1d9vo6B0obcbaokM3-Ttp16j4lam6bB2q
Emails with this golden logo on top do mean: Club news – not to be shared outside the club!

All of the following perks are some club features that already made the sell last year for me! It’s great to be part of the club and get some information, first hand before they will be shared publicity. In most of the cases (not in all): The Club knows first which game will be dropped next. Sometimes some days before, sometimes just some minutes. Important rule here: What happens in the club, stays in the club. From my own experience I can assure you, that the community keeps a close eye on social media channels such as Twitter and immediately interfere, in case a club member shares information that should stay in the club. Once we had a situation with one of the very first game announcements that was shared via email with the club, since a big Nintendo exclusive media outlet posted the news on Twitter just minutes after. Some members, including me, were confronting the account immediately why they are leaking this kind of club news. We learnt later that the media outlet had the exclusivity to announce Super Rare Games’ latest release. So all good. But the system worked, members are protecting the club.

In addition to exclusive game announcements, you can also expect to get insider information on titles as a club member, as well as surveys which genres we are most interested in – or just things that George has in mind. Which is a great deal, as you just feel more connected to Super Rare Games by being part of this special mailing list. I personally would like to get more exclusive stories, such as why certain games were picked (as George did once for Adventure Pals),
who is playing what at Super Rare Games – just some random stuff in the world of Super Rare Games.

On top of all of this: As a Super Rare Club member you will be also added to the Super Rare Games server – which contains only members and the Super Rare Team. The community is pretty neat there: Active, friendly, supportive – and so is the entire Super Rare Games staff. A dedicated #Trading-Card-Trading channel or #Game-Suggestions are just two channels that I like to visit regularly.

Priority & Premium Shipping and a 25% Discount on Merchandise

The free premium packing and priority shipping is another feature of the club I value: Maybe not that obvious at first glance, but usually, games will be shipped out on the release date or even sometimes before it, by consequence you are really one of the first ones to get it. The free premium packing might be something you do not consider that relevant, but as soon as you get your first premium packaged game, you will not want to go back – as the packaging really protects your limited print copy. 

Another cool benefit (one use only) is a 25% discount on any purchased merchandise. To be frank, I’ve shopped almost all the merch Super Rare Games has in stock but completely forgot to use my code. As you can see below, I bought the Super Rare Trading Card Binder, the Snake Pass OST Vinyl Album as well as some Super Rare Games Shirts – the latter might be an item I will buy again by the end of January to not waste my discount.

For 2020 I hope Super Rare Games will expend their merch by adding a Super Rare Games Sweater/Hoodie or even cardigan. This would be perfect for Winter/Fall. Who wouldn’t like to rock such a hoodie? Maybe only with a little logo on the chest (as for the shirts) – without the print on the back?

So there you have it: This is why I renewed my membership. In case you are wondering: I did purchase 7 out of 12 games in 2019 – so I did not go for a complete 2019 set, as I was not interested in all the games. But the club membership did nevertheless pay off for me personally, as the club provides me with the certainty and flexibility to get the limited print games I really want to get – plus has some great add ons in place.   

Do any of these benefits justify a SRG Club Membership 2020 for you? Were you already a member in 2019 as well? If so, did you renew your membership – and if not, why haven’t you renewed it? Signups will be running for the duration of January 2020 – so you still have some days to make up your mind. Happy to learn what you think in the comments’ section.

* This blog post is not sponsored by Super Rare Games and solely expresses my personal experiences with the described club membership.  

Benny Kong Nintendo Pickups May 2019

My Pickups for Wii U, Wii, GC and a New Platform in May 2019

As already introduced in my My Physical Additions to the Nintendo Switch Library in May 2019 blog post, I’d like to share with you which games I picked up for my other Nintendo systems on a monthly basis.

For the time being, I’ll separate my Nintendo Switch pickups from the other Nintendo platform additions to underline my efforts in the #SwitchCorps community – but I’m also happy to change this in case you think it makes more sense to have a consolidated post.

Let me know in the comments section below what you prefer!

Which Wii U & Wii Games Did I Get in May?

In May, I was lucky to find a brand new Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash at a very reasonable price in a brick and mortar store (Saturn), but the current prices on Amazon are not that bad either.

In the course of the month, I snagged additionally two sealed Wii U copies on Amazon: LEGO Star Wars: Das Erwachen der Macht as well as Mighty No.9 – Ray-Edition. I have not play them yet, but since I assume prices will slowly increase for Wii U games in the near future, it might be a good idea to add games to the collection while the prices are relatively modest. All three, brand-new and sealed Wii U games did cost me less than €30, which I think is a good price point for the kind of quality all of them are offering individually.

But more importantly: I’m looking forward to giving them a play at some point.

My two Wii additions (used condition) are games that I bought in a GameStop while being on a trip. On both journeys of the trip I picked up a little game: 2 journeys, 2 games:

What’s Retro?

During my trip I also discussed on Twitter with @TheWaffinator, @daithiPgh, @Goldmario791, @VANAMING or @WoodmanFLG, at which point we consider a game a retro game:

In general, so I started the conversation, has a retro game to be older than 10 years, or at least the launch date of the platform its released on should be older than 10 years. In the course of the conversation we stated that the 10 years rule would categorize Wii games as retro games, but the 15 years rule would not (since the Wii launched in 2006). Other interesting aspects such as the specific lifecycle of consoles or a two console-generation-distance-approach brought as to the conclusion, that retro with Nintendo starts at the GameCube:

My Retro Additions

As I will probably showcase all of my three GameCube games that I bought via eBay also in the retro section of my blog, I will not further discuss them here. What will be covered in my retro section is the 4th GameCube addition that comes in this special, golden NTSC GameCube box that you might have spotted already.

A New Platform Addition

Finally I did it! I bought a New Nintendo 2DS XL! Since years I’m thinking that the system would be a cool addition to my Nintendo collection. As Big N is not supporting the platform with any new games as of lately anymore, I figured that now might be the right time to make a purchase. And I was lucky! In May, one of my favorite stores for video games, Saturn, ran a special promotion that included two free games as a gift! All bundles came with Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowsers Schergen and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Definitely an offer that I could not refuse. Free Nintendo 3 DS games!

With my New Nintendo 2DS XL, I’m ready to play some wonderful games I have not played on yet, such as Mario Kart 7, Diddy Kong Racing DS or The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

I’ll let you know which games I will get in the upcoming months!

What You See Is Not What You Get

Last but not least: I’m pretty sure many of you can relate to this when buying video games online: You don’t get what you ordered! What you see is not what you get.

In my case, I did order twice a Wii U game from different sellers on Amazon (shipped via Amazon), but did get instead of the German packaging with the USK logo on it, an Italian version with the Pegi logo.

Two Wii Games that I ordered on eBay were not the ones I had in mind while ordering: One game came in bad condition (yellowed and very used case), whereas the other game came in the international packaging instead of the German one.

But that’s just the monthly struggle of any video game collector I suppose.

How was your May – besides your Nintendo Switch purchases? Let me know in the comments section or directly on Twitter or Instagram via my @BennyKong64 handle.

Benny Kong Nintendo Switch May 2019

My Physical Additions to the Nintendo Switch Library in May 2019

Welcome to my May! As already introduced some weeks ago, I’m happy to bring the monthly series on my physical additions to the Nintendo Switch library to Benny Kong.

This month I have even another little addition: From now on, I’ll share with you my entire monthly pickups! Meaning, we will also have a look into the Wii U, Wii department and for sure, into my retro additions. Whatever I did get! For the time being, I’ll separate my Nintendo Switch pickups from the other Nintendo platform additions to underline my efforts in the #SwitchCorps community – but I’m also happy to change this in case you think it makes more sense to have a consolidated post.

Let me know in the comments section below what you prefer!

My Additions in the Month of May

During my very busy #Switchiversary, I already decided that the upcoming months have to slow down. For April my plan did work out. And for May? I think it did good too.

Two limited print games made it into my collection and I added an Asian release of a game, that you also can buy in the US or in Europe. But why did I import it from Asia? Because the Asian release offer two games on one card, whereas the NA/EU version just contain one game on the card, the other title needs to get downloaded digitally. Since I like to preserve my games in a physical form, I did opt for the Asia import here.

My very first Nintendo Switch addition in the month of May 2019 was actually a very special one:

I won a contest on Twitter and was so lucky to get a Best Buy x Limited Run Games Exclusive! I’ll cover this addition in my SwitchIns section in more detail soon, but would like to say thank again to the generous host of the contest, @TheWaffinator! Thanks for running this amazing raffle and sending the prize all the way to Germany! Having a winner in the US would have been a lot cheaper for The Waffinator, but he even choose an express shipping so that I did not have to wait any longer for this very special copy that found now its place on my shelf. And a special place in my heart! Thank you mate!

Now it’s time to have a look at some footage of my humble May additions:

How was your May? Let me know in the comments section or directly on Twitter via @BennyKong64

Limited Run Games

Limited Run Games E3 2019 Nintendo Switch Lineup

What a Limited Run Games E3 2019 conference!

On June 10, 2019, Limited Run Games showcased in 42.49 minutes, which 50 (!) games they will bring in physical form for various platforms in the near future. As I am in particular interested in the Nintendo Switch lineup, I thought it might come handy to provide a chronological overview on all the 14 Switch games that were revealed during the E3 Showcase (watch the entire conference here) and were published afterwards in Limited Run Games E3 2019 Lineup! blog post.

Let’s have a look at which game carts we can add to our physical Nintendo Switch collection very soon – or even play on our Nintendo Switch for the very first time.

1) Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – June 10, 2019

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop.
Power Rangers: Battle for the Gridis even already available for pre-order
directly on Limited Run Games.

2) Freedom Planet – June 21, 2019

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop.
Freedom Planet is available for pre-order on June 21, 2019 directly on Limited Run Games.

3) Transistor – June 21, 2019

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop.

4) Rogue Legacy – July 19, 2019

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop.

5) Double Switch – July, 2019

More info on the game on Nintendo Everything.

6) Bad North – Q3, 2019

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop.

7) realMyst – Q3, 2019

8 & 9) Turok + Turok: Seeds of Evil – Q3, 2019

More info on Turok in the Nintendo US eShop.

10) Night in the Woods – Q4, 2019

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop.

11) Blaster Master Zero – Q4, 2019

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop.

12) Blazing Chrome – Q4, 2019

More info on the game on Nintendo Life.

13) Dark Devotion – Q4, 2019

More info on the game on Nintendo Life.

14) Super Meat Boy – tba.

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop.

And there you have it! All 14 brand-new games that Limited Run Games revealed at E3 2019.

On my side, due to childhood memories I’m especially excited for Power Rangers (great review from Reviews 2 Go on YouTube here) and plan to buy Freedom Planet (demo available in eShop). I added both titles already to my public Nintendo Switch shopping list (my #SwitchList) and will update the page constantly as soon as LRG will put new listings on their website.

Additionally, I’m interested in pre-ordering Transistor (only heard good things about it), Double Switch and Night in the Woods. The Turok 1 +2 release will be a special addition to my physical Nintendo Switch collection, as I did play the games on my Nintendo 64 as a teenager. It will be so great to enjoy these titles on my Nintendo Switch: In HD, anytime and anywhere.

What are the games you cannot wait to put on your shelf?

Let me know in the comments section or directly on Twitter via @BennyKong64.

April 2019 Additions

My Physical Additions to the Nintendo Switch Library in April 2019

Let’s bring the monthly series to Benny Kong! A quick recap and trip back down memory lane:

In January 2019, I joined my fellow #SwitchCorps and kicked off a monthly series to celebrate my latest additions to the Nintendo Switch collection in the respective month. We, the SwitchCorps community, had even special names for the first three months of 2019 in anticipation of the big day: Nintendo Switch’s 2nd anniversary on March 3, 2019.

These were the hashtags we used to tag our collections on social media:

My Additions In Q1/2019

Let’s have a look what happened on my side so far – you can either zoom in the picture or get to my monthly Twitter posts by clicking the link:

What did you add to your collection in Q1/2019 so far? Feel free to jump directly in the conversation on social media to share your additions:

So, What Did I Add in the Month of April?

During my very busy #Switchiversary, I already decided that #April had to be more quiet. And looking at my humble additions to the physical #Nintendo Switch collection, that grew now to #40 releases, my plan to slow down worked actually out. Considering the huge backlog and taking into account the way I play videogames – trying to complete a game to 100% -, investing not too much in games every month, is actually a good thing.

Interestingly, although having pre-ordered a bunch of limited games, in the month of April none of these made it into my monthly picture. That is actually a premiere since I started this little series in January 2019.

It’s great that the Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s first region-free platform (Thank you for this, Big N!), so I could import three releases from Asia last month as these titles are not physical available in my region.

The Monthly Picture – April 2019

But now let’s have a look at some footage of my April additions and in case you want to be part of the thread of my April #NewIns posts, you will be directly forwarded to tweet here and to the content I shared on Instagram here.

How was your April? Let me know in the comments section or directly on Twitter or Instagram via my @BennyKong64 handle.


My Top 5 #Nindies Spring Showcase Titles

On March 20, 2019, Nintendo invited us to join the reveal of the biggest and most interesting upcoming #Nindie releases. There were certainly big surprises announced – in case you have not seen the presentation yet, have a look here.

Why this blog post now – roughly 3 weeks after the #Nindies Spring Showcase? 

Because I’m still hyped, and the first of my favorite games will be launched very soon. So let me quickly share with you my 5 most promising games that I cannot wait to play:

5) Cadence of Hyrule – Crypt of the Necrodancer ft. The Legend of Zelda
– Coming Spring 2019

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop.


4) The Red Lantern – Coming 2019

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop.


3) Overland – Coming Fall 2019

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop.


2) Neo Cab – Coming Summer 2019 

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop.


1) Cuphead – Coming April 18, 2019 

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop or even available for pre-purchase!


That’s it, my Top 5 list of all 17 games that Nintendo presented in their Nindies Spring Showcase.

Last but not least, I’d like to close with an honorable mentioning of a game, that was actually even on my 5th place.

Due to the impactful gesture that Nintendo allowed an indie studio to use their The Legend of Zelda IP, Link & Zelda boosted the Necrodancer into my Top 5 list. The first game in this series, Crypt of the NecroDancer: Nintendo Switch Edition, did not interest me that much, altough it is an award winning hardcore rhythm-based dungeon crawling game.

So in case there would not be any Link or Zelda in the game, my number 5 would have simply been:

5) (Honorable mention) Stranger Things 3: The Game – Coming July 4, 2019

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop.


What are your favorite games out of the 17 presented #Nindie releases? Let me know in the comments section or directly on Twitter via @BennyKong64.

Benny Kong Mobile Nintendo Switch Puma New York Yankees

Welcome to Benny Kong’s World

Hi – nice to meet you and welcome to Benny Kong’s World.

My name is Ben, currently living in Berlin, passionate Nintendo gamer and collector.

While being active on Twitter or Instagram with my dedicated @Bennykong64 accounts (that I set up to fully concentrate on Nintendo topics), I felt that I would like to create my #AllNintendo content in a way, that I can structure and control better. And most importantly: To preserve my content in a format, that is easier accessible for anybody.

Too often I was searching all over the place for a certain post because I intended to have a quick look at it or to follow up on it. So why not publishing content that is relevant to me – on my own website?

With Benny Kong, I’m inviting you to join me on my personal Nintendo journey:

I will share with you which Nintendo Switch physical releases or retro games I add to my physical collection (plus last generation games such as for the Wii or Wii U). I will also post what I think about certain games in the review section and hope to inspire you with my upcoming planned Nintendo Switch purchases that I put on my personal Switch shopping list -the #SwitchList. Additionally I would like to talk with you in about all kind of Nintendo topics in in my blog section: BK’s Thoughts.

It All Started With the Game Boy

As I like to say: It all started with the Game Boy, the Nintendo Switch makes me play and collect like a kid again.

Some day back in my early days when I was in kindergarten or when I started to study in elementary school – but for sure in the very early 90s – the Game Boy was omnipresent. Launched in Europe in September 1990, many of the cool kids had it: It was the super hot gadget in the schoolyard or on the playground, and one of my very best friends, Marco (who used to live in the apartment below ours), had one too. And it’s getting even better:

Marco’s family had a Nintendo Entertainment System that was set up in the living room as well! This is where you could find Marco and me precisely almost every day after school – playing Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Donkey Kong or Nintendo World Cup. Fun times, right Marco?

I cannot exactly remember the occasion, but recall the pre-condition: My parents wanted me to be a straight A student in elementary school first, before they were about to give green light for buying me a Nintendo handheld:

My sister and me – the Game Boy is not far.

My motivation was a high and at some point I could call myself a lucky Game Boy owner too. Finally. Oh boy, was I happy!  

Me and my Game Boy! Everywhere I’d go, my Game Boy was with me. And it was so great lending games to friends.

My very first handheld game was either Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge or The Smurfs. Some of my favorite games to play were Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins and Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3.

I also had a-multiple-games-on-one-cart-collection: It contained basically every major release such as Super Mario Land or Kirby’s Dream Land, booting up from one notorious cart. It came without any box or manual, so I actually never knew, where my parents did get me this game from ….

Easter 1995

I can remember it as it was yesterday: My sister and I were Easter egg hunting in our flat (it must have rained that day) and we found something very special hidden in a gap below the living room cupboard:

My sister and I celebrated proudly with a photo our Easter gift from 1995.

A Super Nintendo Entertainment System. What a surprise! The SNES was bundled with Super Mario World. And a Super Game Boy that let me play my Game Boy games on the big screen. What an innovation!

The SNES is still one of my favorite Nintendo home consoles of all times and Super Mario World a game that I have finished several times – of course by finding all 96 exits.

Some of my all time classics for the system are titles such as Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island or International Superstar Soccer Deluxe.

The Golden Era

Memorizing growing up both as a kid and teenager with Nintendo consoles, I think I had the most fun with Nintendo video games back in the Nintendo 64 era. I consider the Nintendo 64 era as the golden era, as it was a time period for me personally, in which I could enjoy Nintendo games on a different and maybe even more intensive level:

On top of an unbelievable and game changing catalogue of video games such as Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Banjo-Kazooie or Donkey Kong 64, I was now able to inform myself independently about releases in magazines, buy more and more games from my own pocket money or had the opportunity to get superb Nintendo promotional material on VHS such as:

Who did not use exactly these video cassettes to show parents and grandparents which games are on their wishlist for an upcoming birthday or holiday season?

Due to nostalgic reasons, I’m showcasing the promotional material that was tailored for the German market since I cannot be that certain, which tapes were used as giveaways for other markets such as the US or the UK.

The Nintendo 64 was launched in Europe on March 1, 1997 and luckily I had one close friend that did get the console for his birthday in the launch month. This provided me with the opportunity to already play a bit and to join the new dimension of fun.

Myself, I had to wait a bit longer as my birthday is in October. The first game I got was International Superstar Soccer 64.

For Christmas my parents (oh I mean Santa Claus) surprised my sister and me with Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64. What a holiday season! Christmas 1998, I found The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time under the Christmas tree: My very first Zelda title and a milestone in the entire video game history – until now. And just one year later, Christmas 1999, I was very happy to unwrap a present that contained Donkey Kong 64, which is still to date one of my favorite games of all times.

Fast Forward to March 3, 2017

Also the upcoming three other Nintendo home consoles found their way in my home. I bought the GameCube in 2002, just some months after the launch. In order to have them on launch day, I pre-ordered the Wii and the Wii U. All three consoles provided me with countless hours of fun, endless single-player adventures and challenges, and last but not least: Dozens of sleepless nights when friends stayed over to play some great multi-player titles (Red shell!).

Understandable that as I did get older, the time spent in front of a video game console may have gotten less and less from console generation to generation – but March 3, 2017 changed everything:

The Nintendo Switch Makes Me PLAY Like a Kid Again

My friend Philipp and me, celebrating the Nintendo Switch launch weekend in Berlin. In case you interested in, I recently wrote up a little story on this personal anecdote and shared it on Instagram.

Yes, the Nintendo Switch brought me emotionally right back to the start where my Nintendo journey did begin:

Back to the time, where I did hold my friend’s Game Boy in my hands for the very first time. Just before I was about to get my very own handheld. Back to the time where I spotted the NES in Marco’s parents living room or when my sister & I found the SNES that our parents did hide for Easter.

The Nintendo Switch brought back the same magic that I felt when playing for the very time Super Mario 64 at my friend’s house. As I headed for the very first time for the Great Plateau in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild, I suddenly felt the same joy playing a videogame that I last felt back in the golden Nintendo 64 era. The Nintendo Switch brought all that back!

The same magic from back in the day, over 20 years later, that I feel now almost on a daily basis when switching on my Nintendo Switch. Watching the “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017-Trailer” still gives me goosebumps:

Being simply amazed and overwhelmed by the smooth gameplay and the size of a Super Mario Odyssey and recognizing so many similarities to one of my favorite games of all time: Super Mario 64.

Re-visiting the “Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer” fulfills me everytime with the warm feeling that an unbelieving adventure is waiting for me – an adventure around the world, just like in 1997:

The Nintendo Switch Makes Me COLLECT Like a Kid Again

Back in the day, growing up with Nintendo, I knew that inserting a physical game cart into my Nintendo console was actually the only way to play the game. Today, I still opt-in for the physical release – knowing that there might be a cheaper and more convenient way to play a game: Digitally, by making a purchase via the eShop.

Nintendo made their first digital games on a home gaming console accessible via the Virtual Console for the Wii. The lineup consisted of 17 titles and was available directly at launch of the Wii, in November (NA) and December (EU) in 2016.

Talking on the pro & cons of physical and digital games, on real ownership of games or what happens to the digital library when servers of a platform will be shutdown, is actually content for an entire separate BK’s Thoughts blogpost and won’t be discussed here.

For now, I’d like to illustrate briefly why the Nintendo Switch makes me collect like a kid again.

The answer on this might be very simple:

Because I feel exactly the same appreciation for both the game box and the cart that I felt when I was a kid. This unique feeling of owning exactly this game when having it for the very first time in your hands. This game is mine now: I can lend it to my friend Marco and get a game from him in return. Or the feeling that I had as a teenager when I wanted to play a new game, but had to sell an old one in the first place.

You treated your games with respect, stored them properly in your shelf or commode. When you were surprised with a game as a gift for your birthday or Christmas, the precious game was passed-through all the hands of family members and guests. And you had the feeling that you did get really something special. It was a present that you could touch. Now I’m making these presents mostly to myself – and even on a more frequent basis as back in the day. But the magic still feels the same. I’ll take my time to check the front and back cover as well as the cart – and if we are lucky: There is even some interior art and a manual.

Both the interior art and a manual, that is especially something that we do not find regularly in the box when opening a 3rd party release. But luckily independent publishers of limited print games got us covered here.

A colorful manual is the perfect homage to physical games from back in the day. Limited print releases are the perfect collectors item in your Nintendo Switch physical collection. But here comes maybe the coolest reason why the Nintendo Switch makes me collect like a kid again:

Since Nintendo Switch game carts are not region locked, you can import Switch games from anywhere in the world and add a physical, playable copy to your shelf, although the game was never released in your region. This is such a game changer comparing to collecting Wii, Wii U or retro Nintendo games. You might import games that are not available in your region, but as long as you do not have the appropriate PAL or NTSC console, you are not be able to play the game.

What a great decision from Nintendo to make the Nintendo Switch a region free console. Thank you, Big N!

Anytime. Anywhere.

Playing on the go, while driving home for #SwitchMas via train.

One of the best features of Nintendo’s latest system, on top of an unbelievable good library of games that put a smile on your face (or even tears of joy when hearing the Donkey Kong 64 Isle Theme being remastered in Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Donkey Kong Adventure)  is the mobility aspect:

Having the opportunity to play your games seamless when traveling via plane or train or taking your Switch with you when going on vacations, resonates a lot with my lifestyle.

Anytime, anywhere – bravo, Nintendo.

The Nintendo Switch Makes Me Wanting to CREATE Content (Like Never Before)

But not only playing wonderful blockbuster video games where and when you want to (or can) made me falling in love with the Nintendo Switch: The hybrid console made me developing a much deeper interest for the video game industry as a whole.

Nowadays, platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Discord (just to mention a few) give you the possibility to exchange with like-minded people, to be engaged in communities, and to be directly in contact with developers, publishers or distributors of the games you love.

You as the gamer, and we as a community, we do have a voice. We can stream our feedback directly to the creators of the titles we love and the video gaming industry is listening, is open minded to learn what we think. Do do we complain about certain bugs? Are we excited for certain releases? Would we like to see a physical release of a certain game?

If you are engaged on aforementioned platforms, then you may have stumbled across open threads with industry players, in which you were asked to share your favorite title from the respective inquirer or which title you would like to see a physical release for.

Such a wonderful exchange that I experienced in particular over the past six months on Twitter as BennyKong64, made me thinking, how I may capture my Nintendo Switch moments at best:

How can I give back to the community in a way, that other gamers and collectors can benefit from? How can I provide to the video game producing industry an exposure to showcase their content? Content, that I happen to love?

All the information on new physical releases, exclusive region releases, limited print copies, knowledge about games I would have slept on or that I never heard about, Kickstarter campaigns, predicting and speculating together what games might be revealed at an upcoming Nintendo Direct, sharing opinions about patches, DLC’s, the completeness of games on the cart (#CompleteOnCart) , reviews, or just talking about retro games and memorizing the old days, motivated me in my wish to preserve a friction of this content and make it accessible – just a click away via my own website: Benny Kong.

Welcome to Benny Kong’s World!


PS: I hope Benny Kong will contribute to the Nintendo community and you may find it helpful. When you want to reach out to me, just use the comments section below or contact me directly on Twitter or Instagram via my @BennyKong64 handle.