Hey, My Name Is Ben.

Hey, my name is Ben. And that’s actually the reason why I bought Ben 10. Who wouldn’t like to have their name on a Nintendo Switch game? For sure, in case your name is Mario, then you have a lot of choice – but in my case, I did find it quite intriguing to add a game to my physical Nintendo Switch collection, that has my name on it.

Ben 10 marks the 17th (#17) title in my library and I’m very happy to see my name Ben, written in a bold, white font on the spine of the box, sitting in my shelf with 16 other copies.

As introduced, I’ll be using the Switch-Ins section on Benny Kong to give you a bit of background why I bought a certain game – or if there was an interesting story behind my purchase. What did trigger me to add the game to my collection: Was it a certain feeling as it’s a port from an older platform, a special association to the artwork of the box, difficulties in getting the game, a cool discount or a recommendation from a friend? You will find this out here.

So Why Ben 10?

For Ben 10, it’s clearly the name – because my name is Ben as well. But not only this! It’s even the number 10! When I used to play football (soccer) – probably around the time when I was as young as our little Ben in Ben 10, the number on my jersey was always the number 10. Another reason why I wanted to own this game physically.

And last but not least: When looking at the cover art, wouldn’t you say at first glance, that this little fella is running after a football? Like Marko in Marko’s Magic FootballMaybe it’s just me, or driven by the fact that on the German boxed version both the PEGI and the USK rating are blocking out at lot of what’s going on at the very bottom of the artwork – a potential football could not have been spotted that easily. But now we all know better, that Ben 10 is not about a little kid chasing a football and using the ball as a tool to navigating himself in a skilled way through levels. Certainly this is just my misinterpretation of the package, but that’s actually exactly how I perceived the artwork – and I am happy that I did it like this, then is my association with the game that resulted in my Ben 10 purchase. My personal Ben 10  anecdote – the story behind the pick-up. 

Collect to Play?

Currently my copy is still sealed, but one day I’ll manage to play it and may let you know in my review section, what I think about it. Knowing, that the game did not receive that great reviews. But as described, I just wanted to have Ben 10 in my physical collection. As you will probably learn in my upcoming articles or as some of you already know via our exchange on Twitter, I’m not solely collecting physical games that I would like to play, sometimes I’m also just intrigued by the artwork, the importance of the game as whole or other factors that let me add the game to my physical Nintendo Switch collection.

And that’s what Benny Kong actually stands for: Providing you with some background stories on certain additions to my collection and to take you on my journey. A journey, that will hopefully sometimes even help you to make a better decision on an upcoming purchase, to inspire or to familiarize you with hidden gems for our favorite platform: Nintendo Switch.



Buy Ben 10 from the Nintendo eShop US or the Nintendo eShop Germany

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