Staying Up for a Midnight Launch

Funny story on this addition (#023) to my physical Nintendo Switch collection! This was actually one of these nights where I had to constantly check the time – not because I could not sleep (which usually happens when I have to get up very early in the morning to catch a plane for instance), no – because Strictly Limited Games was about to launch the physical version of “Velocity 2Xat midnight (German time), which I did not want to miss.

So I was staying home and spotted coincidently a retweeted post within the #SwitchCorps community, saying that a PlayAsia PlayExclusive game (a physical release that is exclusively bound to, is almost sold out. Just 20 copies of the limited release of Dimension Drive are available, then all editions will be sold out – that’s what I read in PlayAsia’s tweet

Playasia Twitter Standard Edition Dimension Drive Nintendo Switch

A Quick Research Was Needed

As I did not hear about Dimension Drive before, I immediately did some research of this limited print of 2000 Standard Editions. I did like the artwork at first glance and found it interesting, to own a copy of such a limited release.

Downward Thrust and 8-Bit Eric’s coverage on YouTube finally convinced me entirely to add this game to my physical Nintendo Switch Collection.

Although Space Shoot’em Ups are usually not my prefered genre (for sure, Starfox is), the aspect of having two dimensions you can instantly switch into (and have to) felt very intriguing to me:


Just in Time 

So I quickly went to PlayAsia to place my order for Dimension Drive – just in time, then minutes later the limited release was out of stock.

Lucky me – I almost slept on this one! I may have been in the wrong dimension to not have heard of the limited physical release of Dimension Drive earlier. Haha – Thank you, #SwitchCorps!

Below you can find some pictures of the wonderful physical release itself and some additional information where to get it digitally.





Buy Dimension Drive from the Nintendo eShop US or the Nintendo eShop Germany