Bienvenue Red Art Games !

Welcome to the Physical-Nintendo-Switch-Collector-Game, Red Art Games! Yes! A new video game publisher, previously focussing on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, entered the stage and is now releasing physical games for our Nintendo Switch. Operating from the Paris region of France, Red Art Games’ mission statement is to allow the public to keep their favourite games in a boxed edition. And that’s grand, as we #SwitchCorps also love our Nintendo Switch games in a physical version.

Bienvenue, Red Art Games – heureux que vous fassiez partie de la communauté #SwitchCorps !

Red Art Games’ Debut Physical NSW Game

In the beginning of March 2019, the French limited physical run publisher Red Art Games revealed that they are about to announce their very first Nintendo Switch title. The collector scene on Twitter got excited and I have to admit that I jumped on the hype train as well. Immediately after I read NintendoSoup’ coverage that Red Art Games’ first title might be Old Man’s JourneyI took it to Twitter, as it would be already confirmed, that Old Man’s Journey will see a physical release. Sorry, guys!

At this point the only thing I did know about Old Man’s Journey was that one of my favourite YouTuber’s BeatEmUps covered Red Art Games’ new title in his popular series “eShop Games WORTH BUYING!and highly recommended it. That was endorsement enough for me to go for it and try to lock in my pre-order.

Pre-Order and Availability

After Red Art Games’ official announcement of the soul-searching puzzle adventure game Old Man’s Journey, pre-orders opened on March 7, 2019 and I secured a copy just minutes after. Now Old Man‘s Story is in hand and marks my 43rd physical copy.

And the good news – at time of writing: The game is still available for purchase!

So if you want to snag a copy of this only 3,000 limited release print, do not wait and head over to Red Art Games! You can buy the game directly following this link or just have a look at the Buy Now! button directly in the game’s info bar on this page to your right:

But stay with me for some more seconds to have a look at my copy’s footage and the trailer of this beautiful visual narrative, Old Man’s Journey. Before that, just two more quick things:

1) You may notice that this physical limited release does not contain any manual. This was no surprise to me since Red Art Games was very transparent to my questions on Twitter and mentioned that they want to stick to something basic for the release of Old Man’s JourneyAlso, let’s keep in mind that that eg Super Rare Games’ first releases did not come with any manual either.

2) Secondly, the game’s description text on the back of the box is in French. As learnt, Red Art Games is trying to keep it that way for future releases, whereas certain releases might be bilingual. However, since the French law requires French on the box, Red Art Games is not that flexible here. I actually think it’s a nice, authentic touch that a French published game has a French packaging.

Footage and Trailer

Let’s have a look at the Old Man’s Journey trailer and at some footage of the game’s box, cart and interior art:


Buy Old Man’s Journey from the Nintendo eShop US or the Nintendo eShop Germany