A Childhood Memory Back in the Shelf

My little Plok story for the Super Nintendo is probably a story that many of you can tell: Sold as a kid, re-bought as an adult.

I cannot remember specifically the year, but sometime in the Nintendo 64 era, I sold Plok for 10 DM (Deutsche Mark), which is roughly 5€ (~$5.50) – in a so called Second Hand Shop for electronics. But not only Plok, a game that my parents bought for me on some point, no:

I also sold F-Zero, Marko’s Magic Football and Tintin in Tibet – all for 10 DM each. I invested the money in a N64 game later on. Unfortunately I cannot remember in which one. But what I know for sure: All 4 games need to go back into my collection.

1 out of 4

Plok is now back in the shelf, I picked it up from RETRO Games, a Retro Shop in Leipzig, in December 2018.

Since I did own Plok as kid, it was important to me to not just buy the cartridge – I was interested in an aquisition of Plok, complete in box (CIB). Luckily I found a copy in the shop and €15 was a fair price for the condition the game is in. 

The visit of this Retro Shop marked actually my very first visit of a Retro Shop since I sold my 4 SNES games – back in the 90s. I really liked the experience and will try to visit the Retro Shop in Leipzig several times per year from now one. 

I’ll let you know as soon as I’m able to re-add the other 3 missing titles to my collection in order to continue my story: Sold as a kid, re-bought as an adult.

Trailer and Footage of My Collector’s Item

Let’s have a look at a Plok trailer from 1993 and some footage of the condition of my childhood game that is now back in the shelf: