Benny Kong Nintendo Pickups May 2019

My Pickups for Wii U, Wii, GC and a New Platform in May 2019

As already introduced in my My Physical Additions to the Nintendo Switch Library in May 2019 blog post, I’d like to share with you which games I picked up for my other Nintendo systems on a monthly basis.

For the time being, I’ll separate my Nintendo Switch pickups from the other Nintendo platform additions to underline my efforts in the #SwitchCorps community – but I’m also happy to change this in case you think it makes more sense to have a consolidated post.

Let me know in the comments section below what you prefer!

Which Wii U & Wii Games Did I Get in May?

In May, I was lucky to find a brand new Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash at a very reasonable price in a brick and mortar store (Saturn), but the current prices on Amazon are not that bad either.

In the course of the month, I snagged additionally two sealed Wii U copies on Amazon: LEGO Star Wars: Das Erwachen der Macht as well as Mighty No.9 – Ray-Edition. I have not play them yet, but since I assume prices will slowly increase for Wii U games in the near future, it might be a good idea to add games to the collection while the prices are relatively modest. All three, brand-new and sealed Wii U games did cost me less than €30, which I think is a good price point for the kind of quality all of them are offering individually.

But more importantly: I’m looking forward to giving them a play at some point.

My two Wii additions (used condition) are games that I bought in a GameStop while being on a trip. On both journeys of the trip I picked up a little game: 2 journeys, 2 games:

What’s Retro?

During my trip I also discussed on Twitter with @TheWaffinator, @daithiPgh, @Goldmario791, @VANAMING or @WoodmanFLG, at which point we consider a game a retro game:

In general, so I started the conversation, has a retro game to be older than 10 years, or at least the launch date of the platform its released on should be older than 10 years. In the course of the conversation we stated that the 10 years rule would categorize Wii games as retro games, but the 15 years rule would not (since the Wii launched in 2006). Other interesting aspects such as the specific lifecycle of consoles or a two console-generation-distance-approach brought as to the conclusion, that retro with Nintendo starts at the GameCube:

My Retro Additions

As I will probably showcase all of my three GameCube games that I bought via eBay also in the retro section of my blog, I will not further discuss them here. What will be covered in my retro section is the 4th GameCube addition that comes in this special, golden NTSC GameCube box that you might have spotted already.

A New Platform Addition

Finally I did it! I bought a New Nintendo 2DS XL! Since years I’m thinking that the system would be a cool addition to my Nintendo collection. As Big N is not supporting the platform with any new games as of lately anymore, I figured that now might be the right time to make a purchase. And I was lucky! In May, one of my favorite stores for video games, Saturn, ran a special promotion that included two free games as a gift! All bundles came with Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowsers Schergen and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Definitely an offer that I could not refuse. Free Nintendo 3 DS games!

With my New Nintendo 2DS XL, I’m ready to play some wonderful games I have not played on yet, such as Mario Kart 7, Diddy Kong Racing DS or The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

I’ll let you know which games I will get in the upcoming months!

What You See Is Not What You Get

Last but not least: I’m pretty sure many of you can relate to this when buying video games online: You don’t get what you ordered! What you see is not what you get.

In my case, I did order twice a Wii U game from different sellers on Amazon (shipped via Amazon), but did get instead of the German packaging with the USK logo on it, an Italian version with the Pegi logo.

Two Wii Games that I ordered on eBay were not the ones I had in mind while ordering: One game came in bad condition (yellowed and very used case), whereas the other game came in the international packaging instead of the German one.

But that’s just the monthly struggle of any video game collector I suppose.

How was your May – besides your Nintendo Switch purchases? Let me know in the comments section or directly on Twitter or Instagram via my @BennyKong64 handle.


My Top 5 #Nindies Spring Showcase Titles

On March 20, 2019, Nintendo invited us to join the reveal of the biggest and most interesting upcoming #Nindie releases. There were certainly big surprises announced – in case you have not seen the presentation yet, have a look here.

Why this blog post now – roughly 3 weeks after the #Nindies Spring Showcase? 

Because I’m still hyped, and the first of my favorite games will be launched very soon. So let me quickly share with you my 5 most promising games that I cannot wait to play:

5) Cadence of Hyrule – Crypt of the Necrodancer ft. The Legend of Zelda
– Coming Spring 2019

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop.


4) The Red Lantern – Coming 2019

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop.


3) Overland – Coming Fall 2019

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop.


2) Neo Cab – Coming Summer 2019 

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop.


1) Cuphead – Coming April 18, 2019 

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop or even available for pre-purchase!


That’s it, my Top 5 list of all 17 games that Nintendo presented in their Nindies Spring Showcase.

Last but not least, I’d like to close with an honorable mentioning of a game, that was actually even on my 5th place.

Due to the impactful gesture that Nintendo allowed an indie studio to use their The Legend of Zelda IP, Link & Zelda boosted the Necrodancer into my Top 5 list. The first game in this series, Crypt of the NecroDancer: Nintendo Switch Edition, did not interest me that much, altough it is an award winning hardcore rhythm-based dungeon crawling game.

So in case there would not be any Link or Zelda in the game, my number 5 would have simply been:

5) (Honorable mention) Stranger Things 3: The Game – Coming July 4, 2019

More info on the game in the Nintendo US eShop.


What are your favorite games out of the 17 presented #Nindie releases? Let me know in the comments section or directly on Twitter via @BennyKong64.